Ringmer 2nd XI – 2 v 6 Mile Oak–2nd XI

Unfortunately the result of this game was the opposite of the game at Wealden in midweek. The game can only be described as a grotty day at the office, one of those days where nothing seems to work or go for you.

With injuries and boys called to support the 1st Team outing to Wick the squad was twelve in number. The lads worked hard however today was one of those days when we were often second to the ball. Mile Oak took their chances well and were always confident and threatening in front of goal. The first half was evenly fought with Mile Oak at half time going in 1-2 up. With Mile Oak front side without a game they were able to field a strong reserve side which told in the second half.

Unfortunately the writer did not arrive at the game prepared to note every nuance of the game and in fact took some time to realise that the normal hack was not present.

The secret of games like these is to build on them and learn, sometimes the transition from youth to senior football reminds us that we are still learning.